Safitech pushes the boundaries of cloud based technologies to assist in the delivery of leading edge content services.

By applying site design techniques with search engine optimization techniques and targeted advertising, we can help you deliver an unsurpassed click conversion rate. Our team of engineers and marketing experts know how to manage sophisticated tools to extract the marketing intelligence needs to make the right decision, first time.

Expertise comes from experience. There are no shortcuts. The first smart decision is choosing who to consult when starting a project. Don’t take our word for it. The figures speak for themselves

Services Overview

Don’t look further than Safitech if you want to be sure that your content value will be maximized from end to end.

Volume is the name of the game. By combining the buying power of many content owners and leveraging cross promotional opportunities we can drive traffic at a cost far lower than going it alone. Banner advertising, Adwords, keyword search on all available networks plus many more closed network, cross promotional, sources not accessible elsewhere. With our assistance you can buy the volume you need at the right price.

Marketing Assistance

Buying the traffic at a cost effective price is determined heavily by the quality of marketing. Correct targeting advertising which has a high level of relevance to the site content and using past experience are all basic principles. We have the experience to put these principles into action. We know what price advertising commands in the open market, especially when bidding for keyword search. Combine this with a well executed SEO strategy and reap the long term benefit of residual traffic.


Content. Check. Audience, Check. How to deliver? We have access to a global array of partners who can host and stream content from the cloud. Costed on a streamed content basis, not for storage. If you don’t serve the content you don’t have a cost. Speed of delivery is optimized through geographically distributed cloud hubs with the added benefit of load distribution and automated failover. Your content will be available 99.999% of the time and served immediately using adaptive bitrate streaming technologies.


Rules and regulations vary by region, country and even state. We can navigate the field based on our experience and, where needed, through access to a network of expert advisors who can answer specific questions. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming what’s allowed in one market is automatically allowed in another. Make sure your are compliant before you start, not when the problem has arrived. We can help with translation, automated content restriction and storage strategies.

Business Intelligence

Experience counts. Through combining the knowledge of the successes from a global array of media properties and markets, a shortcut to success can be formulated and the decision-making timelines reduced. Fast to react and fast to change. These are the key drivers of a successful service. We are here to help you avoid the mistakes and shortcut the decisions to get it right, first time. We listen to your input, offer our advice and help you to combine the two into a cohesive strategy. Your success is our success and our goal is to achieve this together.

Photography & Design

Through our network of partners and suppliers we can assist with sourcing the right images for advertising and landing pages to maximize conversion. If you need more in depth graphic design, our in-house team can produce complete site designs.


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