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It was an idea that started in 2005 from a disconnected group of industry executives all competing in an ever growing but less profitable space. The days of cheap traffic and unmanaged media buying were coming to an end. It was time to add some intelligence into the process and combine the knowledge under one umbrella.

Today Safitech is the market intelligence and technology arm for some of the most highly trafficked, and most profitable, content site properties on the Internet.

We apply our experience and knowledge of the market to generate traffic and conversion, which in turn translates into a profitable operation. It has been said that “the paysite is dead” but we believe that, to the contrary, the quality, highly targeted, niche content paysite is alive and well.

We are here to help you avoid the trap of jumping onto the free, ad supported bandwagon. There is a lot of free content out there and much of it is poor quality and of questionable origin. Couple that with too much ad space available and you have a recipe for failure. If you have quality content that has not yet been spread through free sites, let us show you how to monetize it with a long term strategy.

What we DELIVER is:

  • Old world experience and new world knowledge
  • An unsurpassed network of traffic partners
  • A complimentary network of content partners
  • Flexible payment processing and terms
Don’t take our word for it. Results speak volumes.
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